At Dick Genthe Chevrolet, our team of certified service experts knows exactly which parts of your Chevrolet vehicle need maintenance. Are your brakes getting louder when you press on them? Or did you encounter a popped tire? No matter what service you need, you can head down to our service and parts center.

We offer a variety of services that keep your Chevrolet vehicles running at their best. Our services help save you and your Chevrolet running at its best all day. Our highly trained technicians know every inch of your vehicle and are prepared to help you at a moment's notice.


Starting with your Chevrolet tires, your vehicle is an essential function since it is the only contact to the road beneath you. We have the tires you need when you shop with us, and once we get you the right pair, we can assemble them on for a great price.

We will check the tire pressure and handle all your tire needs when choosing to come to our service and parts center. We offer our tires at competitive prices, but there are always more chances to save more.

To protect your vehicle even further, we offer our Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection to our customers in the Southgate area. This can be offered as a certified, express service by covering all components of your vehicle.

With your Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection, you can get a thorough assessment of your car. You will get an idea where your vehicle meets our sheet's requirements with red, indicating items that need attention. There is yellow, which means that certain aspects of your car should be addressed. Then there is green, which means that no items need to be addressed.

You will find out what your car needs once you see our color-coded sheet for your vehicle. We work efficiently when doing a certified, express service because we know how valuable your time is.

If you need an oil change, we can get you in and out quickly to head back to Woodhaven. It is never a good idea to dive around the Dearborn area with dirty oil. To have successful driving experience, our staff can change it in a matter of time by scheduling an appointment with us. We can change your oil in a total of fifteen minutes, talk about an express service.

Our team provides new batteries for our Chevrolet drivers who need help starting their engine. Our batteries will supply you with the right power to keep you going on the roads of Taylor.


Keep your Chevrolet performing at its best with quality OEM parts. If you are looking for a particular piece, please give us a call and see if we have it available to purchase. We are here to help you assemble any parts or remove broken parts from your vehicle at a time that works for you.


Check online to see what service specials we currently offer. We always have a variety of services available to save on so you can keep coming back to our dealership, saving more every time. You can find specials on specific services and parts such as

  • Professional gold battery
  • Coolant system
  • Professional silver battery
  • Equipment brake pads
  • And Mobil oil


Don't wait too long to get your car serviced with us at Dick Genthe Chevrolet. We will get your vehicle in mint condition to keep its quality healthy and everlasting.

Go online today and schedule the service you need. Feel free also to give us a call if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you.